Wednesday, April 19, 2017

If You Can't Think of Anything to Write, Insert A Dragon

I Did It!

I overcame my fear with a compromise. I started a webpage for my co-author and myself.

I went with the free version for now, to learn how to add pictures, choose a theme, and post blogs. I am paying for hosting. Perhaps I will one day upgrade to a paid domain, but for now I am content.

Hawk and Young have a Facebook page, a Twitter, and a YouTube, but there are only two videos. My goal for the summer is to script some video.

Why the dragon? The book we are currently working on involves a dragon.

Plus, 'if you can't think if anything to write, insert a dragon'. :)

We haven't been stuck without anything to write with this story. Young had an outline planned a year ago. Outlines rock!

This story started out with a dragon and has grown to be so much more. When we work together, we have more ideas. You'd expect that with two brains instead of one. The fun part is listening to them and working them into a cohesive whole.

We've stuck pretty closely to the outline. I expressed an opinion about a female character that we need to do more with, and he agreed, so we'll add that when we get there. I've done some research into Flora and Fauna of the area, as well as fishing practices and old legends. Good writing takes research.

#Didyouknow that the dragonship of the Vikings used to be thought cursed and ships bearing the dragon were not allowed on the coast of Iceland. Now the boats are part of their heritage and embraced.
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