Thursday, March 23, 2017



How many of you have it?

This is my BIG SPRING BREAK project: Implement Instagram.

I can link to blog posts like these, where I talk about being an author. I can link to my other blog where I talk about love and wellness. AND I can link to LinkedIn, my Facebook author page, and hopefully very soon my author webpage.

I have learned how to use hashtags, how to engage people, and how to network.

#Didyouknow @Elshahawk is a #YA and #fantasy #author? She dabbles in #nonfiction too. She has an awesome #coauthor. Together they are @hawkandyoung.

Oooh, I think I have to create a Twitter account for HawkandYoung...

After I see what awesomeness I can create for ElshaHawk, I'll try to do the same for HawkandYoung.

All I have to do now is

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Co-Authors in Writing Heaven

It's very nearly Spring Break for me. I'm very excited because I have some big writing goals in mind.

Image result for spring break image
Let me say that I have not forgotten my blog readers, I've just been busy working and writing on a manuscript with my co-author. I tweeted about it a few times, but haven't been able to blog.

Working like this with my co-writer and friend was a dream a year ago. See, we live 700 miles apart. My friend was going through some tough times and was unable to work with me. I imagined in some distant future we would collaborate using Google Docs and talk over the phone or Skype, and we would each write, and we would mesh, and things would be amazing...

Thanks to generosity and a great force of will, there was a way. The future is now!

I am SO grateful we have been able to find a way and the time to work together. Our story has an outline, a plan, and we can both add parts as we feel them. Google Docs is amazing and technology has advanced so much that it's like we are in the same room.

With a Break coming up, I want to work on my author platform, now that I feel I am producing a product again. It is time to do some groundwork. I know it's really our author platform as we are a dynamic duo right now, but I do want to have my own works sometime, too. I also have a collaboration with my husband to work on. I hope we can work on that next week as well.


That's a lot of writing!

I will be in heaven!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sci-Fi and Dragons

In my writing world, I've been doing a lot with Dragons and with Sci-Fi. I know, two different variations of fiction, but sometimes that's how things go.

2017 is going to be a year of the Dragon for me.
Image result for writing tip: if in doubt add more dragons.

Image result for writing tip: if in doubt add more dragons.

Hagrid approves!!

I started writing a dragon into a piece that I was stuck on, it worked. It was on Ficlatté, so I wasn't messing up some new manuscript or anything. Read it here.

My co-author and I are writing a book that involves a dragon. We're actually working on the book that comes before the dragon part. It involves Vikings, a Chinese Monk, Harpies born of Nephilim who loved the hive-mind and the beauty of butterflies, and the King of these fisher-folk who commands this giant Sea Serpent. In the second book the main character meets his Dragon. They have to fight these Knights commanded by a Christian King bent on conquering the world.

Then there are all these Sci-Fi stories.. This has inadvertently been a Sci-Fi weekend. I was inspired to write a little Sci-Fi piece on Ficlatté because I read some Asimov which my co-author sent me to read. Nightfall

Then he suggested 2 more pieces, one by Harry Bates, and one by Anne McCaffrey, of which I am reading a book, too. Anne McCaffrey writes about Dragons and Sci-Fi ...and here we have come full circle!

Meanwhile, my husband queued up 'Lost in Space' last night while I built a Lego Dragon.
Image result for lost in space

So there were more Sci-Fi and Dragons.

I'm not finished reading those links, so until I do, the pattern continues. I may end up writing more about Sci-Fi or dragons, or neither. Who knows!?


Image result for writing tip eat more dragons