Monday, April 3, 2017

Fear of Commitment - One Writer's Block

This is the final day of Spring Break and I made a Spring Break writer's goal, so it's time to review.

How'd I do?

Well, for starters.. I DID join Instagram. I shared a little bit of my research and that I was featured for a short while on Ficlatté dot com. elsha.hawk.

I went back to LinkedIN and Ficlatté to make sure they all linked together with this blog and my Twitter and Facebook and my Amazon author page. I just need CONTENT to share with you guys!

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My co-author and I wrote about 5 more pages on our manuscript at the beginning of the week. We wrote through 3 scenes from our outline, but this past weekend we both got derailed. It happens. The scene we are working on is a good one. We just both lost the dialogue. What should the character say? How should the others respond? How do we get them out of this scene and on to the next one? When we both have time, we'll get back to work on it.

I also set up a YouTube and a Twitter account for my co-author stuff. I used this cool free logo maker to work on some logos and I picked one for Twitter, but I'm pretty sure it's not final. @hawkandyoung While my co-author doesn't tweet, I do. I can work on that.

What do you think? Some logos I made are more complex. I kinda think simple is best. And this is most likely not the official one. Now I can't even remember which logo maker I used..

While we don't have videos and I hate to be on camera because I sound silly and am anything BUT photogenic, that is no excuse for me not to write a script and put together a slideshow to share on YouTube some day. This is all groundwork for our future.

Then I looked into a website. I stared. The tab is still open on my browser. I sorta freaked.
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Pressing the button to sign up and purchase a subscription with a domain and hosting is a commitment. Anything that involves money kinda feels huge and important as a decision. I know it's not a large amount of money, but it is revolving. I have to keep paying it. It means I have to be committed.
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You said, it Abe.

If I create a website for us, we're big time. I want to have graphics and links to videos and all our stuff ready to go.

And I don't.

They say not to worry about that, to just have a website and go for it and make changes as you go. You can add stuff later.

Like email list dumps, about pages, more links...

This is me freaking out.

I don't want to go it alone. This is a combined effort of the two of us. We both need to make this leap.

So I stand at the precipice and stare into the abyss. The landing is promised to be soft. The way down is dark. I can't see the bottom.

I need a push.

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