Thursday, March 23, 2017



How many of you have it?

This is my BIG SPRING BREAK project: Implement Instagram.

I can link to blog posts like these, where I talk about being an author. I can link to my other blog where I talk about love and wellness. AND I can link to LinkedIn, my Facebook author page, and hopefully very soon my author webpage.

I have learned how to use hashtags, how to engage people, and how to network.

#Didyouknow @Elshahawk is a #YA and #fantasy #author? She dabbles in #nonfiction too. She has an awesome #coauthor. Together they are @hawkandyoung.

Oooh, I think I have to create a Twitter account for HawkandYoung...

After I see what awesomeness I can create for ElshaHawk, I'll try to do the same for HawkandYoung.

All I have to do now is

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