Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Co-Authors in Writing Heaven

It's very nearly Spring Break for me. I'm very excited because I have some big writing goals in mind.

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Let me say that I have not forgotten my blog readers, I've just been busy working and writing on a manuscript with my co-author. I tweeted about it a few times, but haven't been able to blog.

Working like this with my co-writer and friend was a dream a year ago. See, we live 700 miles apart. My friend was going through some tough times and was unable to work with me. I imagined in some distant future we would collaborate using Google Docs and talk over the phone or Skype, and we would each write, and we would mesh, and things would be amazing...

Thanks to generosity and a great force of will, there was a way. The future is now!

I am SO grateful we have been able to find a way and the time to work together. Our story has an outline, a plan, and we can both add parts as we feel them. Google Docs is amazing and technology has advanced so much that it's like we are in the same room.

With a Break coming up, I want to work on my author platform, now that I feel I am producing a product again. It is time to do some groundwork. I know it's really our author platform as we are a dynamic duo right now, but I do want to have my own works sometime, too. I also have a collaboration with my husband to work on. I hope we can work on that next week as well.


That's a lot of writing!

I will be in heaven!
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