Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sci-Fi and Dragons

In my writing world, I've been doing a lot with Dragons and with Sci-Fi. I know, two different variations of fiction, but sometimes that's how things go.

2017 is going to be a year of the Dragon for me.
Image result for writing tip: if in doubt add more dragons.

Image result for writing tip: if in doubt add more dragons.

Hagrid approves!!

I started writing a dragon into a piece that I was stuck on, it worked. It was on Ficlatté, so I wasn't messing up some new manuscript or anything. Read it here.

My co-author and I are writing a book that involves a dragon. We're actually working on the book that comes before the dragon part. It involves Vikings, a Chinese Monk, Harpies born of Nephilim who loved the hive-mind and the beauty of butterflies, and the King of these fisher-folk who commands this giant Sea Serpent. In the second book the main character meets his Dragon. They have to fight these Knights commanded by a Christian King bent on conquering the world.

Then there are all these Sci-Fi stories.. This has inadvertently been a Sci-Fi weekend. I was inspired to write a little Sci-Fi piece on Ficlatté because I read some Asimov which my co-author sent me to read. Nightfall

Then he suggested 2 more pieces, one by Harry Bates, and one by Anne McCaffrey, of which I am reading a book, too. Anne McCaffrey writes about Dragons and Sci-Fi ...and here we have come full circle!

Meanwhile, my husband queued up 'Lost in Space' last night while I built a Lego Dragon.
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So there were more Sci-Fi and Dragons.

I'm not finished reading those links, so until I do, the pattern continues. I may end up writing more about Sci-Fi or dragons, or neither. Who knows!?


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