Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I've Been Reading More Alice..

In keeping up with the Alice in Wonderland theme, I've been reading a series by Frank Beddor.
This trilogy is called the Looking Glass Wars.

In it, Alyss Heart comes to reign, but is thwarted by Redd. There is a war. The top soldier for Alyss is Hatter Matigan. The top soldier for Redd is The Cat, who is half cat and half Wonderlander.

This series is full of action and adventure. The characters are intriguing and totally re-imagined.
It does get a bit chaotic at times. In Arch Enemy, each chapter jumps from character point of view to character point of view. This is fine since they are all over the map geographically and many things are going on in each of their heads. When you put a book down and go back later to pick it up, it is hard to remember what is going on when you begin with a different character each time. Not that this is a bad thing, because I've written and read many things this way, but that it can be jarring.

Frank goes on to write a graphic novel series around this warrior Hatter.

I'd love to get my hands on these, but they are hard to find. Go Amazon! Now you know one thing to get me for Christmas.

Or these...
And yes, I know these are from the 1st movie.

These are from the second..
But of these, I really only would like the rabbit. I like the costumes more in the first set.


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