Sunday, June 5, 2016

Collaboration: How To and Where To

I wrote 2,000 words today!

There is a project that is collaborative in which my husband and I are working to create a serial. I guess you could call it urban fantasy, though it takes place in a very small town. Rural fantasy doesn't seem to be a thing unless in involves woods or giants and beanstalks. :)
Early Concept from 'Jack The Giant Killer'!/view/1786285/

Since I write for others, I decided to write for him. I added 2 short chapters to our piece. I filled in the gaps he left for me. It's been a while since I read the piece so I went back to our notes and refreshed my read of the events I had to write between. It feels so GOOD to flex my writing muscles. 

I'm proud of my accomplishment. The words might not be tweaked yet, but the ideas are out there. I hope he'll throw some more ideas at me so I can flesh out scenes he feels need more volume. That's how collaboration works.

On Ficlatté, I've been looking for a story that inspires me to sequel. This is a great way to strike up a new collaboration. When you jump on a story and add your twist and see where it goes, the original author and you can explore the new storyline together. Protagonize is another great site for collaboration like this. Some stories are closed, but some are open. This site also has forum groups you can join.

Speaking of which.. I just hopped over to my profile which I haven't visited in like 4 years.. and I found a story I want to do something with. Edit. Maybe self publish it. Hmm.. Summer HAS just begun..

Share your collaborative sites or works in comments!

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