Friday, April 24, 2015

A to Z - "U" is for Unrest

2015 seems to be a year of unrest for me. My soul is restless. My mind wanders from topic to topic, goal to goal. I feel pulled in many directions, have many decisions, am at a crossroads with more than 5 signposts. I can't even count them and some of them are written in foreign languages!

Unrest is good, though.

Now hear me out. Unrest causes you to want to MOVE and movement is progress. No one wants to feel stagnant and stuck. Sure, unrest is uncomfortable, but sticking to your comfort zone never actually gets you out of it. You have to get out of it to make progress.

Maybe unrest is the hallmark of this time in all adult lives. I don't know. I'm new to this age. My birthday is coming up and like New Year's it is a time to reflect upon life's choices and direction.

So what direction do I want to head in? Can I turn around and come back if it is not the right one?

I think that is what turns people off to trying new things; fear of failure, embarrassment, and not being able to find 'home' again. But 'home' is wherever you are. It's inside you. You are never without it.

The one thing that ties this all together is YOU. You are home when you accept yourself and live your life the way it makes you happy.

Unrest means you aren't comfortable and happy yet.

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