Thursday, April 23, 2015

A to Z - "T" is for Twitter

Who doesn't tweet?

Human like things short and sweet. Our attention spans are ever diminishing. We can take in a surprising amount of data in a short amount of time. This is why twitter is so effective. If you can write something catchy to promote your book and hook a new reader; a.k.a. buyer, then you have won.

Social media gets the word out.

Not the most popular kid in school? (And let's face it, twitter is just a huge high school.) Buddy up with someone who has more friends and get them to promote you. Or be the rich kid and buy your way to readers' hearts. Campaign for your book with twitter glitter pens, using hashtags. Put all the right words in there to get the attention you desire.

Pair your tweets with links to all the places your book is for sale. Have it listed everywhere? There's at least one tweet for each site.

But DO NOT make this the ONLY thing you tweet about. Twitter is practically a day job. Schedule the tweets to promote for you when you are not there, but when you are available, share related news articles, funny life moments, promote your friends, tag others in special promotions, etc.

Do not spam. No one likes a spammer.

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