Saturday, April 25, 2015

A to Z - "V" is for Victory

What is victory for you? First draft? Published work?

I love when I finish a complete draft. The euphoria, a bit of love, and pride I feel in myself is intoxicating. I want to celebrate, but hardly anyone else knows this feeling in my life and would understand the party I threw myself. :)

Perhaps a party is the right motivation to finish a work-in-progress. Some people need that extrinsic motivation. Set a reward for yourself. When you reach victory, you earn the reward. No matter if your victory is writing related or personal. Lose the next 10 pounds and reach a new clothing size? Go shopping. Finally check off the last project on the 'honey-do' list? Go out on a date.

Don't ever forget that you are worth it. If you have to start small and reward yourself for getting out of bed, do it. (As long as the reward doesn't put you back there.)

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