Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A to Z - "G" is for Guide

I decided the word for today was 'Guide' before I could think of an angle to present it. With a little research, I found plenty of helpful 'guides' for writers.

If you want some grammar basics, The Ultimate Writer's Guide has links to sources.
By far, if you have any questions and need a place to read up on any topic, Writer's Digest is the best.

But what if I don't want this 'guide' to be the kind that I can link to? It's not a very entertaining post.

We all have a 'guide' inside, a moral compass, our conscience that tells us right from wrong. We use this when we write villains and heroes to determine their motivations and get into gray areas where people do bad things for good reasons or good things for bad reasons.

Tips for Writing Villains
WikiHow to Create a Villain

There are many more sites with tips as well.

Heroes are easy to write. We want them to win. Villains are harder, but necessary. The hero has to have someone to champion against. Of course, the struggle can always be emotional or internal, depending on the genre.

Make your characters as realistic as possible. What are your inner struggles? What is your guide?

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