Saturday, April 4, 2015

A to Z - "D" is for DegreeStory

Degree Story.

This website is a place to submit stories on a topic related to your chosen career. If you submit a story for a featured contest, you could win Amazon gift cards. It sadly, currently appears to have no contests running.

I won 3rd place in a contest on Degree Story. I appreciated my 50 dollar Amazon gift card and the recognition. My story reached people. My story is still on the front page, featured. It's not commented on, but it has reached a wide audience and has 5 stars. It's career specific, but I hope the gist of it is conveyed. When we want to open up and tolerate those with special needs in our classrooms, often the path is closed by high stakes testing, culture, stereotypes, and even rules.

This win just goes to show that I can do this writing thing. I can reach people. Maybe this isn't my message, the one that will inspire millions, but it takes trial and error to learn what my, or your, message is.

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