Friday, April 3, 2015

A to Z - "C" is for CreateSpace, Critique Circle

CreateSpace is a self-publishing site that creates print versions of your books on demand.

Here is a helpful article from Writer's Circle that explains how Amazon publishing and CreateSpace work together.

Again, make sure your manuscript is polished and formatted!

Print-on-demand or ebooks leave all the work up to you. You write, you edit or pay for an editor, you format, you design, you upload. You market. If you can do all of these things, you might make a few sales.

Beta readers are great helpers when it comes to polishing a manuscript.

If you don't have a good friend or family member who can be unbiased and enjoys reading the style or genre you write in,

try Critique Circle.

Critique Circle is a place where authors can share bits of their works at a time and have them critiqued. Not all of the readers are professional editors, most are simply writers. It is a place to grow and learn. In order to have your work critiqued, first you must critique the works of others and leave good feedback. You earn credits for these critiques which then are spent entering your own work for critique. You can follow stories, too, if you get involved in a good tale and build a relationship with the author.

Relationships are good!

Critique Circle also offers a notebook to gather your thoughts, writing prompts, outlining help, and various tools or games to distract yourself. Read the forums and critique the stories. Have fun!
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