Thursday, February 19, 2015

Snow Day = Impromptu Writing Retreat?

Today school was cancelled.

I read a little, cleaned up my emails, wrote over 600 new words in my first draft, wrote a micro fic, chatted to my husband at work (poor guy), kept up on my facebook feed, watched shows on hulu, and researched new music in addition to my household chores.

Yet, here I sit, thinking about how I want to have a writing retreat where I basically do...this??

I need to plan a writer's retreat where the focus is more writing and less video watching and facebook stalking.

I learned that given free time that I can use to focus and write, I will inevitably choose to waste it on the internet.

So, as my previous post was about rekindling that fire to write, this one is about using the time I am given wisely.

When I plan for work, I schedule. I use a planner and I write each lesson in by its time.

When I plan for my free time, I write what I would LIKE to do at that time, but what I END up doing is usually not what I write down in my planner. I end up not 'feeling' it. It's better for me to make a list I can check off for the day and however it happens, it happens. Mostly. Okay, sometimes I save some check marks for the next day.

Now that I am contemplating a writing retreat, I need to create a plan that includes an outline of my writing; the story itself or my goals for the day.

I'm also going to start small. I can't just drop myself off in some secluded spot for days without a plan. I will find myself not writing.

I think I will try my library first. Drive over there, sit at a table with my laptop, no wifi on, and just type until the battery dies, or if I can plug in, until I get hungry or have to pee. That should be good enough; an outline and uninterrupted time.

The next time I might add a small stop at a scenic place to let my thoughts run wild. I'll take a notebook and pen. Then I can type up what I come up with.

What would you do?

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