Saturday, February 21, 2015

Work In Progress: Tentatively titled "The Savior of Mousekind"

More snow today. Best part is, it's Saturday and we have nothing to do and nowhere to go. You know what that means? WRITING DAY!

I've already put in almost a thousand words on my work in progress. I bought Scrivener for Windows. It is inferior to the original Scrivener for Mac, but it is better than Word in that I can go back easily to chapters and find things; characters, plot holes, places.

I took a little break from creating new scenes and renamed some chapters. I didn't have to go in and make a table of contents and sync everything up like I do in Word. Scrivener does that for me. It outlines everything as I go and gives me little note cards to make notes on about the chapters if I want to. It gives me a place to store my research, character sketches, and anything novel-related that I have in electronic form. I even moved entire sections around with ease. I moved an entire a chapter, adding it to another to make the flow better.

I'm really happy with it. I even learned how to take a document in Word I had already been working on and import it into Scrivener with chapter breaks already done. All I have to do is put pound signs in my .doc. Beautiful.

I guess I should share a bit with you readers, huh?


Here is a little bit where Councilmousewoman Melma Bristle coldly tells Flora, nearly a new grandmother, that she must take her youngest daughter and flee in order to protect her yet unborn grandbaby who is prophesied to be 'the savior'.

“The savior of the race must be protected.” She stared coldly into the eyes of the still-smiling mother. “No matter what the cost.”
Flora’s smile faded. “I..I think I understand.”
“As the time draws near, the birthmother should be taken to the Council. We will protect her.”
“I and Maisey will come, too. Camber needs her mother at a time like this, and I can’t leave my youngest.”
“No. You will take Maisey and hide, far away. The enemies could use you or her to get to your daughter. Think what you would do to save your child’s life. That is what your daughter would do to save her babe’s. If she has to choose between you or her offspring.. well.”
“You think they will torture us, to get to Camber and the Savior? You think we should flee?”
“The sooner the better.” Melma stood and calmly walked to the door on her hind paws, nose not quite so high. Flora got her coat and helped her into it. She curtsied her out of her home.
As the door closed, a scream was heard from the nursery.

Do you think the councilmousewoman has a bigger plan?
Why did Maisey scream?
Will Flora leave or stay? Will she believe the warning?

The parts I am working on now are far into the story. Many things have happened in the story and giving you a piece in the middle would confuse you.

This is only a first draft. I still have to finish it, then go back with a little more research and polish up the settings. I also want to add more layers. The idea of a bigger plan, or things that can be read between the lines to add depth, or even more subplots I can tie together, are all things I want to do with the second draft.

Before I get ahead of myself, I think I should return to the action in the middle of this novel.
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