Sunday, June 22, 2014

Turning Stumbling Blocks Into Stepping Stones

Thanks to a friend for suggesting that I go back in time and review old writing to spark something new! As I perused my old works, I noticed that I had 3 things that kept me going.

  • Writing Partners to keep me going on a series and throw in new ideas and twists. Having a writing buddy to take your characters into new settings, genres, even meeting new villains broadens your horizons.
  • Muses who were usually humans that encouraged me and whom I thought about a lot. In thinking of them, I found I created stories about characters loosely based on my perception of who they were.
  • Unrequited Love/Emotional Baggage and regrets/trials and tribulations that I just couldn't let go of. With time and hard work, that kind of baggage falls away. Life changes. 

I am currently lacking in these 3 things. I feel very out-of-whack, akimbo, in limbo, and indecisive. Projects unrelated to writing are taking the forefront.

In order to get back, I need to find ways to make these 3 things return.

  1. Find New Writing Buddies! Working on ficly dot com, many of the same writers still visit. I need to work on meeting new writers to fill the voids left behind by those that have moved on or visit less often. I could also go back to other sites and find new buddies there as well; Protagonize, Dark Media City, even a group on Critique Circle.
  2. Search for my Muse. One of these new people could become a new muse. I could also look for inspiration in other places like people watching, jotting down things my children say, or journaling memories and random thoughts. When I find it, I need to write it down before I lose it.
  3. Consider my stressors. While emotional baggage is a bad thing, stress can be good if it fuels creative fire. I have had a lot of stress this school year, and I did write about it twice. I always have to preserve confidentiality when it comes to work related stories and that does put a kink in the process. I don't want to simply change names or places because too many descriptive words will give away the characters to those that know them. I don't want to get in trouble. (Yeah, I'm afraid of trouble.)
What helps you write? What keeps the creative juices flowing? Who are your muses? What fuels your creative fire?

Don't be afraid to tell me in the comments..I won't get you in trouble!

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