Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Writing Resolutions 2014

As far as my Writing Resolutions for this year, I have decided upon a few.

1. Finish what I start.

I have way too many little starts. Little starts are good. But finishing a story feels soooo good. I also have starts on editing multiple projects. Those need finished this year. I know this will take some more planning to be executed, however at this time, without knowing how demanding on my evening hours life and work will be, I feel good leaving this flexible.

2. Trade critiques with another writer.

I know how valuable this is. I won a writing competition because I had others critique my work and I listened to them to make it awesome. I am not ready to trade critiques this month, but I will do it when I feel ready. I will most likely go back to Critique Circle and begin working there.

3. Increase Marketing Platform

I'm not sure how or when I will work on this goal. I have to catch back up on the whole ebook market and look at my image (non-existant) and decide what I can do about it myself. Mostly, it is going to be to write and get things out there. Have things to promote.

I just updated my Sample Writing page here on the blog. Go ahead, click it. You will find the current project I am working on: expanding the ficly series based on a dream I had into something longer.

I am proud of what I have so far, but I am at a place where I need some outlining to flesh out my ideas into motives, morals, and the fibers that make up a good story. I don't even have many character names yet. They don't have past secrets, well, not that they have shown me yet. I have not yet fabricated the tangled webs that will piece together the story into an epic adventure.

They say if you can dream it...
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