Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I finished Reckless.

Firstly, it is not in competition with my book as it is not written for younger children as I want mine to be. However, middle grade kids might pick it up and enjoy it because it has pictures like I want my story to have and the language is not difficult at all. It has about as many characters as my story but it is written from 3rd person and mine is 1st.

Things it made me consider:
* Rewriting it from 3rd person. I changed this, adamant that that was what middle grade books do. But I am second-guessing myself.
* Drawing my own pictures to go with it. I'm not a great artist, but I can manage a doodle here and there.
* In my current WIP, I need to add more trouble!

Segway into my current work.. after reading this and even How To Train Your Dragon book 7 by Cressida Cowell, I am convinced my new novel is lacking in sufficient trouble. I guess it's back to the outline to see where I can insert some more danger! I already have a good bit of scrapes for my characters to get into, and I am not the best at writing villains and throwing my characters into really nasty situations, but I shall try for more!

Time to follow my own (and many fellow writer's) advice: Just Keep Writing!

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