Friday, September 30, 2011

Naked, Wet, Hungry

October is coming in a few hours! For some people, it's already here. I'd like to prepare for November's novel writing month by writing a short dark story a day.

Because dark is not my thing at all.

I was also encouraged by this quote:

We were born naked, wet and hungry. Then things got worse.

See, I've noticed that I have a really hard time writing worse and worse scenarios for my characters. I give them a flaw, it's cute, or a bad attitude, they're relatable, but never do I torture the crap out of them. How much can a person live through?

In RECKLESS by Funke, the main character dies and comes back to life, while in SUPERNATURALIST by Colfer the main character nearly dies, and even HARRY POTTER breaches the netherworld's fabric. Heck, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON goes from one terrible situation to the next within paragraphs!

I need to remember that I can bring my characters back from death; that it is okay to make life miserable. Just because I don't want to experience it, doesn't mean my characters need to live safe, cushy lives.

So, my goal is to get down and dark with the thrillers, deaths, ghosts, goblins, and zombie-vampire-cowboy-ninjas all month long!

Throw me some ideas in the comments!

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