Sunday, September 18, 2011

Reading List

I finished SHIVER and really want to read the rest of the series! It's not that I'm now fascinated with werewolves, it's the same sort of desire I had to finish the Twilight series. SHIVER is very much like that series, but without the emo chick and second love interest. Her forbidden love is still a mythological creature, and let's face it, sometimes the opposite sex can be as elusive!

I followed this up with ICE LAND, which is what I call historical fantasy. The author uses first and third person to differentiate between sections. Usually an author sticks with one or the other, but it worked here. When in first person, you were in the head of Freya, a sort of goddess who can fly with a magical suit, and whom the people looked to for prophecy fulfillment. She lets us know what the relationships were between the characters. I will admit to having to flip back in the book and remind myself who was who, but once I got into it, this book was a good read. It is for mature audiences, but not explicit in it's descriptions. Freya is a bit jaded about love and gives herself freely for a while.
When the author switches to third person, we learn about Fulla and Dvalin and soon their two stories merge with Freya's. I assume this would bother some people, but I went with it. The afterward by the author which explains the Norse Myths this story was based upon and the historical events of the Christians forcing the Vikings to convert was extremely helpful. I should have looked up Freya and Odin and the others before I read this, however.

And Now I'm finally onto RECKLESS. This one I read with interest and fear. My own novel for children involves beign transported to another fantastical world via picture and here a famous author does so by mirror! Very similar. I don't want to be called a copycat, for I am not. I do want to be as famous as Funke, one day, but not notoriously so!

Finally, I will end my reading list by picking up THE SUPERNATURALIST by Eoin Colfer.

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