Saturday, August 27, 2011


I am taking part this week in a comment contest on my favorite website,

The point is to, of course, make the most comments. I don't know who will win, but I'm participating for two reasons. One, commenting on others' work is how we grow as writers; learning to take critique and make critique; learning what works for you, in writing, as well as reading. Commenting also build comraderie. Family is a huge draw to ficly. We are all like a huge family and that warm feeling of acceptance cannot be achieved without commenting.
Two, to put the pressure on my peers! I'm a heavyweight commenter with thousands more comments under my belt than anyone else. They think I will win and that will motivate them to beat me!

I am currently reading 'shiver' by maggie stiefvater. It has a feel like 'twilight', which I did not expect and am cautiously watching for it to jump the shark and mirror the vampire story too closely. But it hasn't. I was not expecting it to be a werewolf story, but the writing has me enthralled. There are some steamy scenes of anticipation, and some tender scenes of companionship. What I like most is how lost the character gets in her world. She takes us reeling from a reality that is, to one that shouldn't be. I'm hooked. Watch for a book review soon!

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