Sunday, July 17, 2011

Writer's Notebook (Part one)

What is a writer's notebook?? It is the master notebook where you jot down and safeguard all your writing thoughts.

Don't you have one? Perhaps yours is digital. I still prefer a paper and pen experience for this.

Today I went perusing the depths of my first writer's notebook. I wrote things in it several years ago to inspire me later on, to capture snippets of life, and to remember.

Boy did I!

I didn't think I would get out of there alive! For as many forgotten memories are packed in there, it should have been a photo album! There is more in there than just story ideas...

I think that is why I prefer my second notebook better. It is better organized and contains very little JOURNALLING.

Part of me wants to separate the two, the writing ideas from the journalling, and a part of me shrinks from the task. Some of the entries are so.. amateur, embarrassing, or just awkward. I squirm to think anyone will actually READ those memories!

And yet, they are part of me, my history, my life, my person. If I were to leave this world, these memories are exactly what those that love me would cherish, in all my honesty, immature voice and ugly grammar!

I'm glad that many of the things in there HAVE been used in stories. :) Part of me wants to rip out or erase them to clean up the notebook a bit. Other things have already been copied into the tabbed and serious notebook version 2. And a few things.. well, white out would be my best friend!

Where to begin? What do I do? Leave it or fix it?

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