Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Programs, New Excitement

I grabbed a pen and a blank notebook and shut myself in my room in the quiet to write down whatever my muse sent me.

I was determined to emerge with a story idea of a few.

The muse locked onto this love story and would not let it go. I had taken some notes of programs others said they were using on #writechat on twitter one day and I downloaded them.

I fell in love with SuperNotecard and have been taking my muse's proddings and jotting them down in this program.

The free version has limited space, but so far it has been exactly the kind of planning/drafting tool I need.

Coupled with another free program I'm just beginning to explore, StoryBox, I am beginning to see my new novel baby take shape.

Sometimes I need a new format to look at, to copy things into, to get a fresh idea.

Which is why I downloaded ZenWriter also. Though the music is not working on my version for some reason. I guess I could play Pandora in the background...
I am excited about writing again. I feel like I'm on the verge of something great. Yes, I know how long it takes, what kind of work is involved, in even getting to a draft worthy of a copy editor's eyes. But I am still excited.

And I'm hoping that this new software will help me re-format a couple other novels I've finished but shelved. :)

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