Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stasis, and Questions

Ever feel like your life is flying in a holding pattern and you just want it DO SOMETHING so you can have some sort of change? I'm almost there. I have had a few changes to shake things up, but as far as my writing is concerned.. holding pattern it is! I have been so busy with work and family life that I have not been able to write much of anything! I scribbled out an outline for a revision of AURIST, cleaned my desk, and commented on ficly.com.

The biggest problem is that my co-author, huge motivator, and muse is gone! Currently I have no idea where he is, and the state he said he was going to is one of those with massive flooding and tornadoes right now! I need some bio information from him for the query letter. Not to mention his inspiration and companionship!

Our story, LEETO, is currently finished in 1st draft form. (yay) I like that I've shelved it and can go back and look over it after a rest, have fresh eyes to view it, and edit it a bit. The first half has been read by a friend and fellow writer. He enjoyed it, but hasn't really commented. He did help me clear up a few things, which was great, but I am ready for someone to pore over it and point out things. I am just not ready to pay out big bucks for that service!

I have looked into kickstarter to raise some money for publishing. I think I will use AURIST or another story, however. I'd like kickstarter to fund an e-book edit, with professional cover, maybe a website, and that is not LEETO's fate. (traditional publishing for him) If I begin with a fundraiser for my own ebooks, perhaps I can raise enough money to pay an editor to look at LEETO.

These are the few questions I've been pondering, and being the Mistress of Well-Intentioned Indecision, I am great at pondering for a long time and not getting anywhere! So I'll ask you!
  • Do you think I could ask just for finds for a good editor for LEETO?
  • Should I wait on my co-author and pursue my own works (AURIST) in the meantime?
  • If I ask for funds, what kinds of rewards should I give to my donors?
At least I feel like I've done SOMETHING by posting these questions.

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