Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sneak Peek!

“Riddle?” I blinked my eyes several times quickly. This was like what teachers called a pop quiz and I felt just as panicked as when I hear those words.
“Only the Pure and Gentle Heart would answer correctly. If you do, we will let you stay in Quandryville tonight and be treated like a King.”
“But what if I get it wrong?” I felt my heart beat furiously in my chest and took a few big breaths. The Mayor waved his hand and guards bolted like bullets from a gun, holding their spears only inches from all of our throats. Leo hissed. Dar shook and Merlin frowned.
“If you are wrong, you are Dead Wrong.”

Just a snippet, a taste of the awesomeness that is my novel. This is the first scene where the plot begins to reveal itself. From here you know the character is going to grow, because if he dies, there is no story left. You also get a taste for the riddle element, the adventure, the danger, and the companions that also will grow and change.

Just so you get a feel for the scene,
  • Leo is a cat,
  • Dar is a teddy bear that hides behind his boy as much as his boy hides behind him, and
  • Merlin is well, a wizard who is aloof until the pieces fall into place for him and he can see what has to happen.
  • The Mayor is an odd character in this new world, and
  • the main character "I" is Leeto Homero, a 9 year old kid trying to save his Nana.
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