Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Outlining Doesn't Always Work For Me

When I said I wanted something to happen, I didn't mean storm, take all my money, and make me sick! But that's what happened.

Fortunately, I came out unscathed. Unnerved, perhaps, but unscathed.

My co-author returned in time to give me some lines for his bio part of our query letter. I also completely edited the first draft and tried to get some beta readers.

Anyone interested in copyediting/reading and commenting on my first draft children's/middle grade novel??

Please? Just let me know in comments if you are interested and I'll get with you.

I was pleased to outline AURIST.

I've only once before outlined a story.

That one remains unwritten. I'm not sure if it's because I've figured out the ending and all the steps and the adventure of getting there is gone, or if after time, the fire for this story just became lost to the plots of so many others.

I think mostly, I have matured as a writer so much, that looking back on that tale is amusing. I find so much wrong with it! If I went back today, I'd have to start over, taking it down the bare bones and rebuilding even some of the character, plot, and setting.

So I am not sure I feel great about outlining AURIST. What if it becomes lost in time like the other story?

I suppose the only way to ensure this doesn't happen is to keep working on it; keep it a the forefront.

Wait, that means NOT piling things on top of it on my desk.. oops.

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