Sunday, June 5, 2011

Synopsis: It's A Good Thing

Yesterday I worked on writing a two page synopsis, or summary, of my novel.

I was searching for agents and came across one who asked for a synopsis, not many do, but some mention that one would be helpful, and I knew I should write one up.

Firstly, in writing one, you may come across plot holes you haven't quite tied up, or in my case, the overuse of the title King. Perhaps one of them is more a General or Dictator? Writing up a summary after you have finalized the story is a great way to step back from it and look at the big picture.

Occasionally, I start with an outline, but often the story twists and turns as I'm writing it and I end up in a different place, or with additional characters.

Also, back to the plot hole thing, there may be a place where I dropped an entire sequence of events in on purpose and never went back to tie things up. I may have a section that needs tightening or even sticks out as unnecessary when I look at it from farther away.

Summaries are good things.

I'm not trying to jump the gun here, I'm still waiting on beta reader's feedback, I just love my book so much, I want to do what I can while I wait.

So I looked for agents and other publishing companies. Publish America skips the agent part, for example. I could submit to them and know in 24 hours whether my MS (manuscript) is good enough for them. But when I delved deeper into their site, I found that much of the marketing and promotion is up to me. Sure, they would give me a small advance that could pay for a website and some flyers to print up for a booksigning, but would it be enough?

Secondly, I have a co-author that lives 700+ miles away. He would have to do his part, his equal share, and we are not ready, i.e. coordinated, enough yet to be on the same page promotional-ly. Sure, after the cover art is done by the company, I could have t-shirts made with the release date, set up a website with pre-release special pricing, and make up flyers for my first signing, but if he's not ready to wear his t-shirt, pass out is own flyers, and do his own book signings, then this is a lopsided deal.

It will take more coordination and planning and time. One day we will be there, but for now, I'll research names, bounce ideas off him for publication, and wait on my beta readers. :)
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