Monday, March 14, 2011

Clearly, I need help

When I looked at the winners of the Twitter Pitch Contest, mine was left so far behind in the dust...
I need to tighten this up, really find a sentence that works, that drives home the essence of the story and tells just enough. I also will change it back to the original first three sentences..
My name is Leeto, but everyone calls me Little. I was named after my papa, Leeto Homero the first, who is the Greatest Dad in the Whole Wide World; even his coffee mug says so! When I was born, everyone had trouble saying “Little Leeto”.

Not to mention work on the query..
My goal is to get a universal query letter going so that all I have to do is insert the personal stuff for each agent, if I can find any. I know that agents love it when you read other works they promoted.

Thing is, I am not well read in my genre.. so step two to this fiasco, READ up! Time to whip out the 'ol library card.

Since my co-author is gone, this is the best thing to do. Besides focus on my other works..
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