Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Twitter Pitch Contest

It may be early to start querying, but this challenge is so simple, I had to try!

Enter your twitter pitch for your book, the first three sentences, and blog about it. That's it! Ends march 7th, and only 75 entries.

Remember, Michael Carr is looking for any age any genre. And works should be completed if he was to request the full manuscript, but you may take the risk without a finished manuscript if you choose.

I think twitter is a great way to meet agents, get a feel for their sense of humor, their style, their interests, and their personality.

The problem seems to be that agents don't know me! I am still working on honing my blog presence and tweeting about my writing to build a bit of a writer presence.

So, I'm taking this leap of faith, stepping out of the box, putting one foot out there into the wild unknown with abandon.

I have faith in my book. It is a thing of beauty. I can't wait for the day I get to release it into the hands of the awaiting publisher to let it take on the life that I am breathing into it. Once it leaves me, prepped, schooled, tempered, and honed, it's going to fly on it's own!

Here's a copy of my entry. Please message me if you would read it based on this pitch!

Your name: Elsha Hawk
Title: Leeto Homero
Genre & Age: Children's Fantasy Adventure
Twitter Pitch: Determined to save his ailing Nana, Leeto magically crosses into a land ravaged by an evil skeleton king who stands between him & the cure.
3 sentences:The rain pattered against the window of my room at Nana’s. The clouds were the color of the milk left in my cereal bowl after eating Count Chocula. Or maybe they were made of the chocolate marshmallows, which are my favorite part.

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