Monday, November 29, 2010

Torture and Grit and Guts

You knew I could do it!

I finished the Diary story (see 1st draft excerpt below) and wow did I take it on twists and turns! I made her life so horrible.. well, when I described it to a friend, she said the events would drive the MC to suicide! I had to balance it with happy moments. Normally I'm not so ruthless to my characters, but it was so much fun to torture this poor girl that I just couldn't stop setting up disasters in her path!

I have some MAJOR editing to do! But I am looking forward to it. I am also planning to write new scenes for the Aurist, because a couple I wrote for the ending are kind of lame. I'm pretty sure I have the notes here somewhere.. *shuffles papers on desk*

Anyway, I am ready to get down to the gritty task of editing. *rolls up sleeves* It takes a lot of guts to see your beloved story as objectively as possible and cut whole sections into ribbons. But there is no glory without the guts!

This could get messy!

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