Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rated NC-17

I am writing up a storm!

The decision to finish multiple projects and work on others as filler was the best one I've made all month.

I finished all three projects with tens of thousands of words to spare, so I am writing on an idea I had outlined long ago. I am really excited about it. It feels good to be excited about a storyline! Heck, it feels good to be excited about anything.

It's racy, it's horribly satisfying, it's not afraid to say the dirty words, and it is in diary format.

So here goes:

July 28

I’m a bit freaked out. I’ve been trying to piece it all together in my head and it hasn’t worked, so I’m going to write it down. Okay, let me go back.

I went to Alyssa’s party, and it was great. It started as all parties should; loud music, laughter, crowded rooms, people way too close. I wore a tight shirt with a deep V-neck and a skirt that came mid-thigh. No one knew who I was at first, because I was smokin’ hot. I was soon swept up by the popular crowd and paraded around. I was handed a beer and asked to dance by the hottest guy in school. I joined the jocks and cheerleaders in the prized circle of sofas. Then a guy who had tried all last year to cheer me up caught my eye and his jaw dropped.
“Whoa, Hannah Sparks, you are on FIRE!” Jeff always tried way too hard to sound cool.
“Wait, YOU are Hannah Sparks?” Alyssa herself stopped sucking face long enough to give me a once-over. “Shocker!” Apparently she didn’t recognize me even though we’d been in many of the same classes since 6th grade. Talk about no attention to detail!

“Thanks! Yeah, I am Hannah Sparks.”

“I always thought you were a goody goody, no offense.” Chris Everheart, the star quarterback and Alyssa’s object of horniness for the past two years, acknowledged my presence now that his face wasn’t glued to Alyssa’s. He was hot, but I always knew he was the head cheerleader type and I had eyes on his best friend and wing-man, Chase Williams.

“None taken. This is a new me. I have changed.” I smiled winningly and threw my hair casually over my shoulder.

“I’ll say!” Chase supplied. Alyssa’s eyes narrowed and she turned Chris’s attention back to her lips. Did I make HER jealous? I blushed and played coy with Chase.

So he asked me to dance.

Then he got me a beer, and another.

And it got late, the DJ was running out of tunes to spin and half the couples had disappeared into rooms or left for motels. The gaggles of single ladies and guys who never quite hook up at these things for lack of social aplomb had left to be home before curfew. I felt buzzed. Things got a little dizzy. I remember Chase catching me with his mouth, like I fell into him and we made out for what felt like hours. I remember a lot of giggling. I remember feeling giddy and bubbly and warm.

I remember vaguely going upstairs, but there was a bathroom up there that I preferred, so I may just remember going to the bathroom. I remember flopping onto the couch with him, how solid he was above me, pressing me into the cushions.

Then I woke up, upstairs, in a room, alone, naked.Well, sorta naked, I mean, I had my skirt around my waist, but my top and bra and panties were off. I had on one shoe. It was later in the morning than I thought. The bed was empty, sheets all rumpled, blanket on the floor, and I threw them about looking for my clothes. I got dressed. The other doors in the hallway were closed. I tiptoed down the stairs, dodging cups and napkins and plates strewn everywhere, making my way as silently as possible to the door.

I walked down alleys, trying to avoid all human contact the whole 5 blocks to my house. By the time I slipped inside, I really had to pee. I noticed a faint drop of blood on my skivvies. Great. Starting my period. At least it waited til after the party.

And that’s another thing. When I was fat, I had regular periods, but since I started exercising fervently, they had become scarce. I decided it was God cursing me for my bender that He chose to send mother nature back to my loins at this very moment. I get it God, I am punished. Cramps and bloating for a week.

Only, later in the day, the pad wasn’t really bloody. Come to think of it, my stomach ached, but not really like uterine contractions. More like too much party. It bothered me at first, but I know I am healthy now, so I’m pretty sure there is nothing wrong.

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