Monday, October 11, 2010


I just signed up for nanowrimo.

I've decided I need the motivation to finish ALL of my WIPs (works in progress).
  • Leeto-a tiny boy goes on an epic adventure through a magic painting into a different world to save his Nana's life.
  • Aurist- a girl who can see auras soon learns the world is a big place full of dangers as she runs from and then TO the very people who are after her unique ability. But what do they really want?
  • Kira and Marduke screenplay- the dragon egg chooses Kira, hatching just in time to defeat Bluetooth the 'christian' viking from his high taxation and oppressive rule. But more is at stake than just a kingdom.
So if you are a wrimo-er, friend me, ElshaApril, because I need the motivation! I'm even considering doing a local write-in. *gasp* I know, right! I have never done one. *double gasp* Well, I lived so far away.. why am I defending myself?!

Anyway, I am off to prep my laptop with all the manuscripts. So you all will stop looking at me like that.. show's over.. go back to what you were doing now.

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