Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Writing Contest

I'm no great judge of other people's work. I tend to give very positive comments. If something stinks, I just don't say anything.

But I asked a few of my compatriots to critique a piece I am entering in a writing contest.

Now I don't take face-to-face criticism well, but something about the email type critique was okay for me. I didn't get upset at all. I welcomed each one because I knew it would make my writing better.

And boy did it! A lot of ironing out was done, many edits, and I have to say I am very pleased with the final product and the whole critique process. :D I grew as a critiquer myself. I started to look at other people's writing differently. I just hope I continue to look at mine this way.

It also made me think about this contest. The magazine charges each entry a fee of 5 bucks, and the winner makes 150. They will get many submissions. They will probably make a decent profit.

Could I do that? Could I make a profit on a magazine like that? Hmm, I may have to research this idea. :)
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