Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Way I Roll

If it weren't for the feedback, I wouldn't be here!

I'm talking about my favorite website, I thrive on the comments of others. I write for my audience, I really do. I want them to love what I have written. I want them to rate it high and leave me comments. I refresh my homepage and watch for the comments to show up. Please read my stuff!

I am also motivated by the "popular" list. The stories visited most, receiving the most views, or hits, are listed here. SOME authors have tons of fans who read every word they pen and they can't help but get on the list. Others have a way with titles that people think sound interesting and so they get the clicks. I'm straddling the fence between both. I love it when a story of mine stays on the popular list. It inflates my ego, which at times falls senselessly into a pit of despair.

The ultimate goal however, is to be featured. To be so popular for writing something so engrossing, that you are picked out of hundreds of authors who post thousands of stories.. sigh.

Nevertheless, I am having a great time writing whatever crazy thing comes to mind. I find myself writing the way I used to go into speeches or the way I tackle a doodle; with a tiny spark idea and no direction in mind. I just jump in. I go, go, go.. and edit as I go, and eventually I am happy with the something that comes out. It's the way I roll.

I have looked into different places for advertising myself and my writing abilities. Web Fiction Guide, DigitalNovelists, and Intrepid Media. All are great ideas for me to consider. And considering the way I roll, I might just have to jump into one and go, go, go!
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