Friday, May 22, 2009

Big Decisions

I know I haven't posted here in a while, but I promise I have been editing! I was not sidetracked by doodling, nor my temporary job (too much) to finish editing it!

What? You're finished?! You did make good progress!

Well, not really. I made a big decision. I took the entire first part of the book, with the original story and I separated it from the additional stuff I wrote to fill 50,000 words. That's right, my manuscript is now in two parts.

More trouble, you ask? Not really. This is a huge relief, actually. It pares the story down to the original idea. It allows me to expand the second part into a better novel. It opens the door for a trilogy. Yeah, TRILOGY! I could have three books in this series! I'm excited about that.

But the writing news doesn't stop there.
I have also written a short piece about a gargoyle for entry into a magazine competition. Some of my cohorts in writing are critiquing it for me. Which is a huge step, being that I've never thought of my writing as good enough for others to see. And if I do manage to get it published, what a victory that would be!

I will leave you with a view of the island huts through poor conceited Trenton's eyes:

I looked at the thatched walls and ceiling. Light peeked through in between the grasses. It reminded me of a tiki hut at an overdone tiki party. The square hut was bare, the smooth, khaki-colored dirt floor packed down.I ventured outside. I turned to see more huts which, including mine, formed a ring around a central smoking fire pit. Some of these huts were made of wooden slats, and corrugated metal scraps. A few of the huts had smoke rising from small smokestacks. I lumbered up to the largest building of the village. The roof was made entirely of corrugated metal and two smoke stacks emitted gray plumes which perfumed the air with the tantalizing scent of searing fish.
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