Monday, July 13, 2009


I apologize for the long span of time between blogs on here. I have been writing up a storm at ficly, with 104 entries. :)

I have created some new characters with lives and ideas of their own, which is always fun :)

So, guess what? my computer crashed! That's right, my Tuvalu story is gone from here. But not to worry! It is on my laptop.


I am going to post it, completely, here. Why? Because it will never be a novel. I don't think so. It's my first finished work, and it's not going to be my best. I will copyright it here, so you people can't steal it, if you really wanted to and you won't, but I will post it.

Just realized the computer ate my ONLY edited copy. I have the ORIGINAL on my laptop. And as you may recall it took me MONTHS to edit it down to the viewer-worthy state I was prepared to post. :( Defeated. I'll have to re-edit it. And I did A LOT of work! I fixed time errors, wording, spelling, odd pieces, bits, baubles. I want to cry.
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