Thursday, July 20, 2017


Go to my Amazon page this weekend, you will find my ebooks FREE.

THEN go here, you will find my newest ebook for 99 cents.

A short macabre tale of revenge and Voodoo. Herbert Tulliver will go to great lengths to settle the score with his old Math teacher.

There is a twist ending! I never write short stories without a twist. :)

Amazon has not yet synced my penname with my real name. I emailed about this, but I kinda regret it now. I have some thing I've grown un-proud of over there. Maybe I don't want them linked. I'll think about it.

Self Publishing is an impulsive thing at times. You think, "Yes! This book is awesome!", then later you read over it and realize, you've grown and can do so much better.

Amazon doesn't allow you to delete a book. Once it's there, it's there forever. You CAN unpublish it. Or, I have one book in 'Draft' that will never get published because I uploaded a better one.

We wishy-washy authors who never live up to our own standards are a self-depreciating bunch! That's why we have to be impulsive and publish things, or we'd never get them out there. 
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