Saturday, February 27, 2016

Here's What This Writer's Brain Has Considered This Week

Writer-type things I've been looking at this week:

I'm thinking of taking Enmityville Chronicles, which I am co-authoring with my husband and publishing it to Channillo. They only publish serials. You have to make your own covers and do your own marketing to get people to read it. People pay a subscription fee per month to read a few series'. They make sure that what you have to write is worth reading. For authors, there is a short application process. What needs to be done is an edit of the first few chapters, a cover made, and then deadlines set for the rest of the series. Hubby and I can them write for these deadlines.

Checked out the webpage for my local Writer's Conference. For those of you who don't know, I live in Indiana. This conference offers networking, opportunities for professional ($$) headshots, tips, speakers, and chances to speak to the 'professionals' one-on-one. I'm not feeling ready for this, however. First, I feel like I need to have a query, an almost finished manuscript, and a direction. I need to have questions to ask. This is possibly untrue, but I prefer to be prepared.

I'm finishing up a course on email marketing. I know this is the first big step from me talking talk, having a blog, and having a writing hobby. If I am to get serious, I need followers. Followers with emails. Followers with emails who will want to review and buy my books.

GOAL 2018
I started writing again in 2008. I met a lot of great writers, old and young. I learned that I had much more to learn. I'm thinking that by 2018 I want to have a book finished that I am proud of, that I can sell, and that I can market and maybe launch myself off from. I have a couple of ideas that are quite different, though. We'll see how it all works out.
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