Thursday, April 30, 2015

A to Z - "Z" is for Zillion to Zero

Whew, the last post! This has been a great challenge. I hope to keep writing, as a habit of writing on the weekends has been started. I can't say it has been established because the seasons are changing and with that comes a change in habits as well. I may be doing some extra gardening during my previous writing time!

This post is about going from zillion to zero. Sometimes you are on fire, rocketing around, checking off things on your to-do list, flying through words and chapters, or editing like your evil twin got a hold of your manuscript and tore it to shreds. Then suddenly you stop. Everything stops. Something changes.
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Going from zillion to zero is a huge shock. The momentum you had going drops off and you stagnate, mouth agape, wondering what just happened. Sometimes you are there for a while waiting for some push to get moving again.

The difference between zillion to zero is like having someone honoring you with a trophy only to have the next person throw mud at you in your best suit, rob you of your belongings, and discredit you. Falling from the exhilaration of a win to the depression of being a loser is traumatic. Some people don't deal with it well.

This is what we do to our characters.

Life is full of times like these. You get the promotion, but now you hate dealing with the poo-throwing monkeys day in and day out. You get a new car, but a tree falls on it 32 days later. (True story.) You can be praised one second and hated and berated the next.

Write about it. Bring these feelings to your characters and make the reader empathize, love, hate, and understand the plights of your people.

Take your writing from zero to zillion by putting as much of you into it as you can.

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