Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A to Z - "M" is for Marketing (my 16 steps of e-book publication)

I've been studying marketing your e-book.

It seems the progression of steps is:
1. write
2. edit/rewrite
3. design a cover/pay for a cover design/post the cover on your blogs and emails
4. blog about it/ build an email list/use a video trailer
5. edit/rewrite
6. blog about it
7. have beta readers give feedback
8. rewrite it
9. pay an editor to edit it
10. re-write based on their suggestions
11. select a date to publish/format to publish/cost of book
12. promote it/ give incentives for buyers/give incentives for reviewers
13. check it over one last time/upload content for publication
14. Fulfill your promises to incentivized buyers/reviewers
15. promote it
16. begin a new project

Here is another 10 steps to Kindle marketing.

Marketing takes up the second half of the work. You can be the best marketer and never sell a bunch of copies if your writing is not good. The first half of the steps are just as important. Besides, if you start marketing your book before it is finished, it gives you incentive and a deadline to finish it!

Also important is beginning a new project. Don't try to be a one-hit-wonder or ride out this book forever. People want to read many books by one person. People want to collect books by one author. Do a series and get them all out fast before anyone forgets your name. Soon you'll be big.

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