Monday, April 13, 2015

A to Z - "K" is for Knowledge

How do we get knowledge? 

I thought of these 4 main ways.

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But I left some out.

In 1936, the prolific self-help guru and famous eccentric James T. Mangan published You Can Do Anything!
Even though he was nuts ( he publicly claimed to own outer space ) his 14 ways to get knowledge are pretty accurate.
1. Practice
2. Ask
3. Desire
4. Get it from yourself - introspective
5. Walk Around it - see all sides
6. Experiment
7. Teach
8. Read
9. Write
10. Listen
12. Put in Order
13. Define
14. Reason - logic

How could I have left out write?? He says: If you’re writing to explain, you’re explaining it to yourself! If you’re writing to inspire, you’re inspiring yourself! If you’re writing to record, you’re recording it on your own memory. 

And practice, that is a great way to learn. My answers were mostly visual-auditory because I am a visual-auditory learner. I forgot about all the kinesthetic ways, like practicing, writing, and moving around to get a new perspective.

I learned something new this week. You only have to be slightly more knowledgeable than someone else to be seen as the expert. Even experts look to others as experts. I can be an expert to someone as long as I know a little more than they do. Isn't that want teachers are? It doesn't mean we know everything, but that we know our area more than someone else. It seems so simple, but I was thinking that I couldn't be an expert unless I knew more and more about something, but the truth is, I am already an expert.

If only I knew what I was an expert in...

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