Friday, November 11, 2011

Nanowrimo mid-month issues

I tried Shocktober, to write something thrilling every day of October, thinking I'd get better, because thrilling is NOT my best genre at all, AND GUESS WHAT

I failed.

Then comes November, national Novel Writing Month, and I am working on my latest brainchild. Are there parts I cringe to think that I actually typed? Oh boy, yes!

But they will be fun to go back and fix.

Do I actually know how I am going to end this story? Well, not anymore! I changed the idea that I would kill off a character in a certain way and delayed his death. I've actually considered the implications of his survival to my plot. What if he actually and unknowingly LIVES? It wasn't my ending, but this changes a large amount of plot points I had leading up to the ending.

So when I next put fingers to keyboard, I shall hammer out the next parts and see if I like them.
But don't think I'm a complete 'pantser' (flying by the seat of my pants when I write) because I still made an outline and fleshed out my characters before I wrote. :)

So I finished what I had outlined at 35K, leaving me with 15K words of blank space to fill. Not fun. And afterwards, I decided that what I had was pretty blazé. So I've been crafting a new motive. Literally back to the drawing board. What if this all were some kind of psychological experiment? What if this were just a cult? How would you overthrow the leader? What if I make this a story about simply overcoming a personal fear? Chick-lit or dystopian? (At one time I had this idea about imps and it first started out with Magical powers which I quickly learned is NOT my forte.)

Anyway, I will keep on typing!

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