Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Prologues and Impulsive Moods

First of all, congrats to the winners of the twitter pitch contest! Both contests really made me think about my opening lines, opening scenes, pitching in a succinct manner, and led to my current project: Adding a prologue to my work.

My co author wanted the story to begin with a certain scene, but wanted the first line to still be; "My name is Leeto Homero, but everyone calls me "Little Little". The scene was written in another character's POV, not Leeto's. So I compromised and made it a prologue. It works beautifully!

Initially, he said prologues written by the author were never read. So I took a poll. 17 people responded that they read prologues. Two of them said they do not read forewards. To me, Forewards' are written by others than the author; maybe a famous NYT bestseller who endorses your book. I don't always read those because they have nothing to do with the story. he caved

But now that I'm happy with the first 3 chapters and prologue, I sent them out to be read by some trusted beta readers. I have gotten one response back so far, finding some small errors that I immediately fixed.

I am planning on polishing the next 3-4 chapters. By the time I get to them, and finish them, I may have some responses back. :)

Another writing friend said 'if you listen to all these beta readers, and make changes, you will lose your original story'. But I will not. I have a co author to keep me in line, plus there are things I will not change.

The biggest challenge for me is maintaining the distinct voices throughout the novel. Each character has a style of speech all their own, which is not me. If it were my writing style throughout, I wouldn't have to think about this. However, Leeto is 9 years old. I don't speak like a child anymore, so when my co author and I write these parts, we have to use words like a child would.

And while I am doing all this, my co author is writing the ending. The ending I gave it during Nano was all me, without the flavor and style of my co author. It was flat compared to what I am getting from him. There are so many new twists and turns, and he has this amazing ability to never lose sight of the small details, tying up loose ends that I had nearly forgotten about 20,000 words ago. :)

While I am waiting for him, I keep researching information on self-publishing and consider what I will do this summer with my YA novel and the compilation of short stories I keep promising.

Then I find myself pushing him to send me the ending, while discussing the beginning. He has to reign me in! I'm in one of my impulsive moods, I guess. This time it is manifesting in my writing hobby.

When I see lots of tweets about people reading ebooks, making ebooks, marketing ebooks, and recommending or reviewing ebooks, it makes me antsy. I don't want to wait. But like Miracle Max says in Princess Bride, "Rush a miracle, you get a rotten miracle." My co-author sent me that quote when I was rushing him, but I need it for my other works too. I need to make sure what I send for publishing is my best!

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