Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Am Tinkerbell

I dialed the phone.

“Hello?” his slightly sleepy voice inquired.

“Hey,” I simply replied.

“Who is this?”

“It’s your god-wife, you know, the nagging angel that sits on your shoulder that you ignore.”

“Oh, hi. It’s like 7:30 AM, what are you calling this early for?”

“I just sat down to watch Peter Pan with my kids, and I realized something.”

“Oh Peter Pan, I loved that movie as a kid! I saw it in the theater, though I had my friend sneak me in and we charmed some popcorn out of the pretty popcorn girl.”

“Yeah, you are Peter Pan.”

“What? Oh I think you’ve said this before, but I didn’t get it.”

“So many jealous girls vying for his attention because he is charismatic and youthful and vibrant.”

“Aww, stop it, I’m blushing!”

“I am Tinkerbell. Though we might save each other’s lives many times, and though you may call me your best friend, there’s always a Wendy or Squaw girl you’re after that I can’t compete with.”

“But they leave Peter. He can only trust Tink.”

“Is that enough?”

“Trust is everything.”

After I wrote this, I realized that this relationship I outlined here is exactly the kind of relationship I need to write into my characters. There is a bit of tension, a bit of friendship, a bit of innocence, sarcasm, and flirtacious romance. It's an addictive relationship; one that makes you read on.

I like this couple. I can use them. I just need to hammer out the details.

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