Saturday, April 18, 2015

A to Z - "P" is for Protagonize

If you don't know, is a website for writing. You can write stories chapters at a time, or a whole anthology of poems.
There are two types of works on Protagonize: standard (linear) and addventure.
  • Standard works are made up of a sequence of linear, back-to-back pages, just like a traditional short story, poem, novella or novel. The author of a standard work can decide whether they want contributors to their works to write their own page titles, or if the page title is decided by the author of the preceding page in the work.
  • Addventures are structured like a tree, where the very first "root" page acts as the top of the tree. Addventures are comprised of pages that we often refer to as "branches". These work similarly to a page in a standard story, with one major difference. Each page in an addventure can have one-to-three sub-pages of its own, and the titles of these branches are decided on by the author of the page you're currently reading.
 Yes, you can collaborate with others. In fact, it's a good way to make friends and find beta readers. Read the works of those that comment on yours. Or go find some works to comment on. You never know whom you will meet.

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