Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Just Sit Down and Write!

Summer has finally torn the shackles of work and college classes from my wrists! Encouraged by my friend for whom I have promised to edit a manuscript and jumping back onto ficly.com (my love), I have returned to the writing world.

I feel like I have lost more than the 10 months I was 'gone'. Everything moves so fast in the technological age. I don't even know where to begin again.

Tips for essentially a newbie? I was using Smashwords, Createspace, Ficly, Protagonize (rarely), Bookrix (rarely) and Red Room (very rarely). I can always begin there.

First I feel like I need to get in my own space, in my own Word Document and just write. Really, it all begins there, doesn't it? When I am ready to show my work to the world, I have options.

I might inspire someone else. If I do this, others may follow me, be in awe of me, and tell me that they admire me.

But it’s not fame or admiration I want. That is not motivation enough. If I do this, I have to do it for me.

Fear is such a terrible enemy. I am stronger than fear. If I bust through this wall, there is no telling how much farther I will go.

Stop listening to the voice inside. Take a deep breath and swallow the pride, fear, and simply feel the rush of exhilaration.

Just do it. Go. Now.

Written Feb 13, 2013 on ficly.com by me. Just Do It
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