Monday, February 20, 2012

Love, Discipline, Writing

The month of love has nearly left, but this year it gives us an extra day to appreciate what we have.

Do you love to write?

I do!

And I have a new favorite quote:

Remember, you are the master of inspiration, not its slave.


Finding the inspiration you need is up to you (or me)! We can CREATE it by creating a space that is conducive to writing.

This month I have written many things down as notes. I managed to capture some ideas on paper in tiny phrases, but I have not had the motivation to write them out in paragraphs and well-wrought sentences. I do not have a space conducive to writing.

But it's all up to me. I can't wait for the right moment. If my butt is in the chair, I should be writing. Nothing will happen if I am not writing. If that means I need to clear my desk of distractions, or set a timer and only have my word processing program open on my computer, then so be it!


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