Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Secretly Buying Online

( I know this is not my best effort, it was spur of the moment and could use some major editing, MAJOR, but as a writing exercise, you can see my bare bones idea.)

I clicked through hundreds of pictures. I looked at them for days. The models were all so lovely dressed in white. I knew I wouldn’t fit into one of those and look that good, so I clicked on bigger sizes.

I bookmarked pages, pictures of the ones I really liked. I disguised the folder of links under the word “notes” because if I had named it something like “aerospace” or “beer”, my roommate might be to intrigued to leave it alone. It needed a boring title.

I learned from one site how to measure myself and get the right size. I told my roommate the dressmaker’s flexible measuring tape was perfect for postal packages when he found it in my desk drawer.

I priced the items and as my excitement grew, I chose one that I could not live without. I told my roommate I was expecting an important package.

When it arrived, I was too excited to check if the coast was clear and I ripped into the box. I pulled it delicately from the packaging and smiled in awe.

“You bought a wedding dress?! Derek!”

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