Monday, November 30, 2009

Chapter Seven: The Mayor's Place

Mitch took his earnings to the Sheriff at the back of Mark’s Pub the next night. He was planning on begging.

“So, you got my money! I knew you could do it! And I didn’t hear a peep from Daddy.” He took a swig from his mug.

“No, Sir, this is all I could get.” Mitch handed him the cash. The Sheriff scowled and counted it.
“This is all you could get?”
“Y-yes Sir.”
“Maybe you’d like to play some more, to win some of your debt back.”
“No thanks.”
“Well, you understand I’ll be visitin’ a certain farm this week.”
“Of course Sir.”
“You’ve got balls, Son, I’ll give you that!” Mitch turned to leave. “I’ll see you in jail, Boy!” The Sheriff cat-called.

Even with the threats, Mitch felt liberated. He was sure JoAnn wouldn’t call rape on him, not after their late night talk. He knew the Sheriff would then go after him some other way, but at least he’d bought some time.

Mitch headed home to get a full night’s sleep. He felt he deserved it. He found his Mom mixing margaritas in the kitchen.

She jumped at the sound of the door, whirling around and wielding a strawberry corer. Her face went from furious to upset when she realized it was only her son coming home. Her eyes were read and her cheeks were stained with tears. “Ooo, Your Father had better not come through that door! Lock it!”

“Mom?” Mitch took a few hesitant steps toward her.
“He’s tearing this family apart!” she spat, throwing the corer on the counter where it bounced to the floor.

“I think I know what you mean, Mom.” Mitch’s eyes were sad.
“About what?” Mrs. McFarland was hoping her son didn’t know, was hoping he’d tell her another story, one to make her forget.
“He’s been at Violette’s.”

She burst into fresh tears. This was her worst fear confirmed. She opened her arms to him and he awkwardly hugged her.

Meanwhile Violette, wearing a simple red silk wrap dress, led Mr. Mayor to her newest Top Girl.

"You are going to love her!" she assured. She opened the door to the fabric swathed room with the canopy bed in sheer curtains, where a woman lounged in white lace and a masquerade feathered mask. "Have a good night!" crooned Violette in an alluring tone.

Crystal refused to allow her eyes to widen at the sight of the Mayor. Of course he used Violette's elite services, she shouldn't be surprised. This was her time to prove herself, and to Violette, that she deserved this high ranking spot. If she got through this, she could charge whatever she wanted, even move to the city and have instant fame.

"Wow, you are luscious!" he walked over to her, already aroused. This would be easy.

Later, Crystal took her bonus home to the cash jar with mixed feelings. She had done a great job, established herself. This had been her goal all along, right? She hadn't done anything she'd never done before, in fact the whole ordeal was simple and quick. Why did she feel so guilty?
She decided this money was best put behind her and planned to surprise her son Cal with the new car he’d been eying.
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